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Vehicle and Ride Statistics

You have been approached by 229355 234746 vehicle(s) in 768 ride(s). Vehicle and Ride statistics are updated each time you reload the page, but PASSING STATS are more computationally intensive so these require you to manually click the refresh link so that you don't trigger a refresh each time you visit the page or change the date range.

Total vehicles avg per ride avg per milekm avg per minute
234746 306 63.7 1.4
RIDE STATS (while radar enabled)
Total rides Total mileskms Total moving time Overall avg speed
768 39002 62768 2866 hours 13.621.9 MPHKPH
PASSING STATS Last refresh: 16 Mar at 12:40
See this important note about speeds. The speeds on this page are RELATIVE to the rider. Add overall average rider speed to approximate ABSOLUTE vehicle speeds.
#cars on radar Total vehicle count Avg pass time Avg approach speed Avg pass speed Avg slowdown amount
1 60151 11 seconds 34.755.8 MPHKPH 3048.2 MPHKPH 4.77.6 MPHKPH
2 73088 11 seconds 35.857.6 MPHKPH 29.847.9 MPHKPH 69.7 MPHKPH
3 51352 12 seconds 36.759 MPHKPH 30.248.6 MPHKPH 6.510.4 MPHKPH
4 24213 12 seconds 32.452.2 MPHKPH 31.350.4 MPHKPH 1.11.8 MPHKPH
5 9607 12 seconds 30.449 MPHKPH 31.550.8 MPHKPH -1.1-1.8 MPHKPH
6 1476 12 seconds 40.364.8 MPHKPH 3251.5 MPHKPH 8.313.3 MPHKPH
7 368 12 seconds 34.755.8 MPHKPH 27.143.6 MPHKPH 7.612.2 MPHKPH
8 63 2661 seconds 29.847.9 MPHKPH 25.941.8 MPHKPH 3.86.1 MPHKPH
OVERALL 220318 12 seconds 35.1 MPH 30.2 MPH 4.9 MPH

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