2024-02-24 UPDATE: I was able to get the software configured on the new SSD. I have turned back on the "processing" feature which gives more detailed information about the geolocation (country, city, state, county, etc... or corresponding administrative division in your local country). I am working on a page to make that summary data available both specifically for your rides as well as the anonymized summary data for all riders. Currently, country level stats are available here: country data

Many thanks for those who made a donation to help support the cost!

2024-01-01 IMPORTANT: I woke up this morning to a completely dead SSD and another one currently failing. No data has been lost, but I've just purchased two new drives so there may be some downtime as I migrate data from the failing system drive to the new drive. The new second drive will continue to be a backup. Thankfully that is the drive that was dead! PLEASE CONSIDER MAKING A DONATION TO HELP SUPPORT THIS COST: Donate

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Vehicle and Ride Statistics

You have been passed by 121261 510698 vehicle(s) in 1774 ride(s). Vehicle and Ride statistics are updated each time you reload the page. PASSING STATS are updated when you import ride(s). If the passing stats were interrupted after import (if you close out the tab too early, for example) then you will see a link below with the number of rides that need processing. Click that link to process those rides.

Radar-enabled moving time and distance
# rides MilesKMs Time Speed
1774 88,189 141,927 6382 hours 13.8 MPH22.2 KPH
How many vehicles passed you
Total vehicles per ride per milekm per minute
510698 288 5.83.6 1.3
Absolute Speed     Relative Speed
Approach speed Passing speed Slowdown amount Pass Length
43.369.7 43.369.7 29.547.5 29.547.5 mph kph 38.461.8 38.461.8 24.940.0 24.940.0 mph kph 4.98.0 4.98.0 4.67.5 4.67.5 mph kph 9.6 s
The period over which the stats are calculated
Start date End date
2018-12-03 23:01:59 2024-04-11 13:20:37

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