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Průmyslová za komínky -P-

Segment Info
Distance: 0.4 mi0.6 km
Ascent: 0 ft.0 m.
Descent: 16 ft.5 m.
Grade: -0.68

Riding Stats [68 times ridden by 2 rider(s)]
Time of day: 05:39 AM18:37 PM13:15 PM
Avg speed (MPHKPH): 15.725.228.245.321.634.7

Vehicle Stats [339 total vehicles]
Segment vehicle count: 0125
AVERAGE passing time: 0s21s11s
MAXIMUM passing time: 0s45s21s
AVERAGE vehicle speed (MPHKPH):
MAXIMUM vehicle speed (MPHKPH):
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Time of Day Analysis
AM# ridesavg # vehiclesPM# ridesavg # vehicles
12-1AM00 12-1PM26
1-2AM00 1-2PM00
2-3AM00 2-3PM86
3-4AM00 3-4PM125
4-5AM00 4-5PM94
5-6AM15 5-6PM52
6-7AM00 6-7PM26
7-8AM27 7-8PM00
8-9AM11 8-9PM00
9-10AM87 9-10PM00
10-11AM135 10-11PM00
11-12PM53 11-12AM00

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