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Vehicle and Ride Statistics

You have been approached by 54660 44299 vehicle(s) in 103 ride(s). Vehicle and Ride statistics are updated each time you reload the page, but PASSING STATS are more computationally intensive so these require you to manually click the refresh link so that you don't trigger a refresh each time you visit the page or change the date range.

VEHICLE STATS Include stationary
Total vehicles avg per ride avg per mile avg per minute
5466044299 531430 11.99.6 2.52.1
Total rides Total miles Total moving time Overall avg speed (MPH)
103 4593 358 hours 12.81
PASSING STATS Last update: 2019-03-19 19:59:33
#cars on radar Total vehicle count Avg pass time Avg approach speed Avg pass speed Avg slowdown amount
1 2553 10 seconds 39.8 MPH 34.7 MPH 5.1 MPH
2 3038 12 seconds 39.4 MPH 33.1 MPH 6.3 MPH
3 2014 12 seconds 36.9 MPH 32.2 MPH 4.7 MPH
OVERALL 7605 11 seconds 38.9 MPH 33.3 MPH 5.6 MPH

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